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All Things Gabalicious!
All the sounds of House, Tech House, Ghetto House, and DnB


DJ Services

Corporate | Weddings | Birthdays | Private Events

Corporate Events

Work Party, Activations, Openings

Past Companies: 

  • Vogue Business

  • Archrival

  • Semrush

  • Seven Seas Music


"She got everyone dancing from great-grand parents to the 3 year olds!"  -Nelson

Other Collaboration

Fashion Shows, Live Music, etc.

Past Events: 

  • DEXTER Fashion Show

Let's make any event LIT!

The right music and atmosphere enhances a brand's image. We can help book the best venue and collaborate to curate the genre blend for the event's vibe. Whether it's a sophisticated conference, a lively product launch, an elegant gala, or just background tunes that facilitate networking, I'm happy to help!

Forget crazy prices, book a local!

I work closely with the couple to understand their musical preferences, special moments, and any personal touches they want to incorporate into their big day. Whether it's a classic first dance or a surprise song that holds sentimental value, I ensure that each moment is orchestrated with precision and joy. I strive to make every wedding a truly unforgettable celebration of love.

Have an idea? Let's do it!

If you're seeking a skilled and reliable DJ to elevate your next event, I welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals. Working alongside fellow creatives allows for a dynamic exchange of ideas, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in music composition and production.

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It all started with College Radio

Radio is super important to how music is a community.

Gabalicious has been a guest for...

  • Pulse Radio (London, UK)

  • KTUH (Honolulu, Hawaii)

  • Lot Radio (BK)

  • Radio Free Brooklyn (BK)


Gabalicious was born from two parents avidly in the music industry. Her father's side, Alfredo "Cafish" Alias inherits talent from jazz and funk percussionist, Don Alias and jazz saxophonist, Sonny Stitt as well as composer and writer, Edward Boatner. Her mom, Brooke Wentz, taught her the expansiveness of world music through her thousands of records and history in experimental radio hosting.


Having shown an affinity for music from a very young age, Gabalicious has been fine-tuning her DJ skills with a unique repertoire of mixes, music elements and samples. With her first ever mix in Nuremberg, Germany, she has performed in London, England and SoHo, NYC to the Sequoia Mountains in California. She blends house, tech house, ghetto house, and for special occasions, drum n' bass.

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